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We all want to perfect that which we love. When it comes to cooking your perfect curry, we will help you understand the A-Z of cooking.

Class details: There is no better way to truly immerse yourself in the world of spices than with an expert by your side, giving you personal time and attention. The focus will be on fitting your cooking in with your palate, lifestyle and demands of family life, all the while building your confidence in instinctive cooking. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, chai, chat and a rich colourful experience.

Enjoy the largest selection of dishes from which to select your menu and learn in your very own, personalised, bespoke masterclass. The portions you will take home are generous, enough to feed 3-4 people, all cooked from scratch by you, with expert guidance and supervision from our chef.

The focus is to fit your desire to cook home food with your lifestyle, likes, dislikes and family. You can choose to book yourself in, gift it to someone special or turn it into a full family & friends experience and book in a few slots together.

Pricing Options

£155 for one: 3-4 dishes

£230 – Premium Couples Class – 3-4 dishes per person

  • bullet Complimentary shopping bag or spice sample

Please Select Your Menu

Please select the menu of your choice, these cannot be mixed as they are set to teach you a range of skills and create a menu where the dishes complement each other.

Dal’er bora with a complimentary chutney recipe card

Crispy deep fried lentil fritters, a unique dish cooked in homes and not on any menu. Enjoy it with a complimentary chutney recipe card on us.

Onion Bhaji

Homemade with ground spices and a gluten free flour, creating the perfectly crispy and less oily bhaji

Tarka Dal with Kasa Aam

A delicious creamy dal, made with red lentils with a traditional garlic and cumin tarka and a little sharpness from raw mango finishes it off.

Rice – Jeera Pulao rice

Learn the basics of rice cooking 101 with a subtle cumin flavour, cooking perfectly cooked fluffy long grain rice.

Murgh Bhuna Sa’lon

A traditional chicken bhuna curry, our most popular dish since 2017, juicy pieces of chicken cooked perfectly in a tomato and onion based thick sauce.

Spicy Charred Masala Lamb Chops

Tenderised with unique masala blends, prepped perfectly to create that juicy charred finger licking finish, all without a tandoor.

Bangla Aloo Torkari

Fluffly potatoes cooked steamed and sizzled in mustard seeds, spices and garnished with fresh coriander.

Murgh Sha’ag Kari

Tender pieces of chicken (on or off the bone) in an onion based, earthy sauce with methi and spinach. Perfectly blended with balanced spices.

Patha Pulao

A light long grain rice, hand cooked with onions and a unique in house blend for a light subtle flavour. The ideal rice for any palate.


Deep fried mini puffed, crispy bread.

Aloo Veg Tikki with a complimentary chutney recipe card

Bhuna Mangsho

Murgh Aloo

Paneer Moshla

Patha Pulao

Fhul Gobi Bites

Spiced cauliflower tender and crispy for a moreish starter

Spicy Charred Masala Lamb Chops

Tenderised with unique masala blends, prepped perfectly to create that juicy charred finger licking finish, all without a tandoor.

Habiba’s special – Nawabi Keema Tikka Torkari

Marinated charred chicken tikka in a home blend, gently cooked in a rich ground lamb mince sauce, a unique and satisfying dish. Perfect for a royal banquet.

Tawa Naan

Homemade naan hand rolled and cooked on the stove

Shuji Halwa with Pista Crumbs

Bangla dessert, roasted semolina cooked in a masala water with nuts and sugar. Serve it with cream to balance out the sweetness. A traditional dessert for unannounced guests.


Onion masala batter, deep fried for a gluten free crispy finish.

Paneer Moshla

Indian cheese in a thick onion and tomato sauce

Chol’er Dal with carrots

Chana dal steamed and cooked in a tradition curry sauce of of ground spices, onions, tomatoes with nuggets of sweet soft carrots to balance out the richness

Aloo & Deem Sa’lon

Steamed potatoes and colourful eggs sizzled in turmeric and kashmiri chilli in a dry sauce, super quick and simple.

Shada Pulao Baath

White fluffy rice with onions and fragrance from whole green chillies, all the flavour without any of the heat.

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We will confirm your order and class bookings once we have received your information. Please be sure to include a valid email and contact number for the person who will be attending and let us know of any and all allergies.

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