Bespoke Group Class
Private Luxury Group Classs

Enjoy an experience that can be shared with friends and family. Book a single dish group class or upgrade to our double dish group class.

Learn the fundamentals of cooking with spices, authentic home cooking and the difference between home food and the food you are ordering in! Leave our cosy school full of ideas, inspired and confident! not forgetting with lots of food scratch cooked by you in a fun and social class. Ideal for corporate classes or friends and family to spend time together.

Class details: This is a private group class so you must book a minimum of four persons up to a maximum of 8 persons. Set menus for double dishes & a list of main dishes for our single dish classes will be sent to you once you are ready to book. We will also email you with a basic list of ingredients to bring on the day. Buying your ingredients is part of the learning process which will make sense once you arrive article for your amazing foodie’s masterclass.

The class depending on what you cook will last approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours for a single dish and 2 ½ to 3 hours for your double dish option. Our double dish class is always one main curry paired with a starter or an accompaniment.

Discover your cooking skills and the master cooking with spices, sharing the experience with your nearest and dearest. An ideal, unique experience and a great alternative to going out.

Price: Single dish – one authentic homemade main meat or veg £60 per person

Price: Double dish – one authentic homemade main meat or veg along with a starter or accompaniment per person. £85

A short chef demonstration included on both options.

What To Expect on the Day

Private Group Class

  • bullet Specially designed classes focusing on specific regions to build your understanding of Bangladeshi and Indian food
  • bullet Breaking down spices, so that you can create your own dishes without any hesitation
  • bullet Creating dishes with traditional recipes

Benefits of our Live Demo’s

Enjoy a foodie experience and a day out to learn cooking the traditional way.

  • bullet Learn instinctive cooking – the instructions behind a recipe card
  • bullet Building confidence & understanding – simple teaching with no fancy catering equipment
  • bullet Authentic food passed from family to family without compromising on taste and less of the oil
  • bullet Becoming an inspiring cook with the resources you have at home
  • bullet Making you a creative spice master

Enquire Now:
Private Group Class

Please fill in the form and let us know how many people you wish to book for, whether it’s a single dish or if you’re upgrading to a double dish class.

Particular dates which we will try our very best to accommodate and most importantly whether you need gift vouchers.

Please also mention restrictions, dietary restrictions or religious food restrictions during the time of booking at the very latest during the time of your menu confirmation.

We will confirm your order and class booking once we have received your information. Please be sure to include a valid email and contact number for the person who will be attending and let us know of any and all allergies.

  1. Select your chosen time slot.
  2. Book the number of persons attending, we have 10 – 15 attendance spots (or in accordance with government guidelines)
  3. Make a payment and receive your confirmation.
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