The Social Cook:
Foodie Workshop – Up to 8 persons

From peeling to chopping, clearing up, setting the table and eating together, you will enjoy a fun foodie family experience with our expert supervision and demonstrations.

Class details: Like a typical foodie family, we will all get mucked in to make a meal that will be out of your curry world! Break flatbreads together at the end of the session with a sit-down meal and a complimentary drink.

One thing you will not be doing is simply standing there watching our expert, no no no! My mother always said, “if you want to learn to cook you have to actually start cooking”. What better way than at our award winning masterclass spice classes?

Time: Please email us to request a date and organise your own private group

Mixed social groups will not be taking place until further notice later in the year or in 2022, once we feel it is safe to mix larger numbers


Half Day 3.5 – 2 dishes £75pp

Two dishes – main non veg curry and main veg curry.

What to expect on the day

The Menu: All dependent on the chef who will be teaching, it will range from

  • bullet Main Non-Veg Curry / Main Curry
  • bullet Finger Food/ Starter
  • bullet Specialist cuisine based dishes
  • bullet Healthy Indian food
  • bullet Breads
  • bullet Rice
  • bullet Chutneys & Pickles

Book Now:
The Social Cook

You have chosen your class and dishes, now all you have to do is fill in our booking form to order your class and fill in your chosen date.

We will confirm your order and class booking once we have received your information. Please be sure to include a valid email and contact number for the person who will be attending and let us know of any and all allergies.

  1. Select your chosen time slot.
  2. Book the number of persons attending, we have 10 – 15 attendance spots (or in accordance with government guidelines)
  3. Make a payment and receive your confirmation.
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