The Disciplined Cook
6-week short Course

From forgotten starters to undiscovered desserts in the UK, a set group of just 8 lucky students will explore a spicy journey to reign over their own food kingdoms.

Our 6 week course will build your discipline and commitment to learn, practice and execute. Each session will build your skills to compile a priceless book of regional secret recipes.

Class details:You will be bringing one dish from the previous week to share with your fellow food group and of course to be tasted by the expert. This allows you to perfect what you learnt at home, receive feedback on what you have done right, where improvements need to be made and it also allows our expert chef to plan and focus on your personal skills.

Each week, you’ll cook at your own stations, making your own dishes with expert supervision, music in the background to relax and enjoy what you’re doing, a social gathering to taste and try the dishes. Strengthen your skills, be at one with cooking, taking out the stress and replacing it with confidence to adapt and create… and most importantly going from fellow foodies to foodie friends… because food is the universal language of friendship.

Price: TBC

Dates: TBC

What To Expect on the Day

Live cookery demonstration – each slot is approx. 1.5-2 hours.

  • bullet Specially designed classes focusing on specific regions to build your understanding of Bangladeshi and Indian food
  • bullet Breaking down spices, so that you can create your own dishes without any hesitation
  • bullet Creating dishes with traditional recipes
  • bullet Making friends and having a great time learning

Benefits of our Live Demo’s

Enjoy a foodie day out with your kids, friends and family.

  • bullet It’s about making friends!
  • bullet Building confidence
  • bullet Understanding instinctive cooking
  • bullet Becoming an inspiring cook with the resources you have at home
  • bullet Making you a creative spice master in six short weeks

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The Disciplined Cook

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We will confirm your order and class booking once we have received your information. Please be sure to include a valid email and contact number for the person who will be attending and let us know of any and all allergies.

  1. Select your chosen time slot.
  2. Book the number of persons attending, we have 10 – 15 attendance spots (or in accordance with government guidelines)
  3. Make a payment and receive your confirmation.
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