Top 10 Mouth Watering Dishes of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a rich heritage of food, wherein cooking is done with care and love. The country shares its history, language, and culture with Indian state, West Bengal. This communal culture is carried over in food as well. Thus many dishes in the country are often referred to as Bengali cuisine.

The cuisine is South Asian in nature. Rice is the core ingredient of many of its dishes and the food in Bangladesh is Spicy. Its uniqueness lies in the abundant use of its aromatic spices, which is infused with layer of fish, meat and rice. Here is a list of top ten mouthwatering dishes of Bangladesh.

1. Morog Polao

Morog Polao is rich in flavors and spices. It is made of rice and chicken along with spices, butter and yogurt. It is a delight for meat lover because the bulk portion of the dish is made of chicken. Served on special occasion, Morog Polao is a traditional Bengali cuisine. It has a light taste and is often served with Borhani – A Yogurt Drink.

2. Haleem

Haleem is a spicy lentil soup made of barley, wheat, meat along with various types of lentils and spices. Few people also make use of rice in it. It is cooked over a long period of time so as to blend the flavors of meat, barley and spices nicely. Haleem is served with naan. It can also be consumed along with breads. It is best served with green chilies, ginger, lemon wedges, fried onion and coriander.

3. Kachchi Biryani

Kachchi Biryani is a featured dish during times of celebrations and weddings. The appetite for this dish is immense among the locals because of the richness in its ingredients. Rice, potatoes and meat is imbued with spices to prepare the dish. It is raw in nature, because all the ingredients are cooked together. Cooked in clay oven, the biryani is served with salad and chutney. This dish is an absolute delight for Bangladeshi’s.

4. Paratha

Paratha is kind of flatbread made of flour dough by frying on a pan. It is cooked with shallow frying. Layered with laminated dough coating and oil, it is best served with mixed vegetables and lentil. Many people like to eat it with pickles and eggs as well. Most restaurants in Bangladesh have this dish on their menu, and is mostly served during the time of breakfast and lunch.

5. Patla Khichuri

A semi-liquid dish which is solely cooked with rice and lentil. The richness of the dish is enriched by adding a teaspoon of butter in it. Even potatoes, spinach, and vegetables can be added to enhance its taste. It is best served with mutton, beef or chicken. During the heavy rainy day, people just love to eat this delightful dish. It is cooked all around the country during the big festivals like Eid. During festivals, people welcome each other at their houses by serving them this mouth-watering dish, known as Patla Khichuri.

6. Sheek Kabab

Sheek Kabab is made of mutton or beef. The mutton or the beef is usually chopped in cubical pieces and then marinated along with spices. Bangladeshi food is nothing without the richness of it spices. For this dish to melt like soft ice-cream in your mouth, it is important to marinate it for the right amount of time. The dish is normally marinated for around three hours, and expanded around two days. Sheek Kabab is best served hot with naan and salad. This usually eaten as an evening snack and is quite trendy amongst the locals.

7. Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is a delight for street food lovers in Bangladesh. It is found on every street and on every corner in the country. It has rapidly become famous among the locals. The heavenly taste of the chicken is marinated with spices and which later on get grilled. It is moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. This moist and crunchy nature of the chicken makes it mouth-watering. It is best served hot with naan, salad and mayonnaise. People like to get their hands on it whenever and everywhere they get a chance to do it. Do not miss out on Grilled Chicken.

8. Misti Doi

Bangladeshi people love their desserts, and yogurt is their go-to sweetener after having their food. Misti Doi, made of sugar and milk, is lot fat traditional Bengali dessert. No good occasion can be celebrated without the presence of Misti Doi. It is like a creamy cheesecake, which melts in your mouth. It is made by boiling the milk until it thickens and later sweetened by sugar. It is served and kept in cups made of pottery, as it maintains the right temperature for its growth. Eat Misti Doi, in times of happiness or sadness. It is the perfect mood maker even if you are sad.

9. Rasmalai

Rasmalai is an absolute treat for your mouth. This are the small little cheese ball which are soaked and laced with flavored cream. The cream has its own unique texture, which in turn makes it more mouth-watering. This flavored cream is made by boiling the non-homogenized milk at around 80 degree Celsius. It is best served during the time of festivals and celebrations. Treat yourself and your loved one, on the special occasion with this delightful dish. You will find this sweet at every sweet shop in the country.

10. Doi Chira

Doi chira is made by soaking the rice for long time in water and then mixing it up with yogurt, sugar, banana and other fruits. It is best eaten cold and will surely warm everyone’s heart. It is hassle-free and easy to make and involves no cooking time. It is an authentic Bangladeshi sweet, which is quite lovable among the locals and from people belonging to those region. If you have not tried this sweet yet, then you are certainly missing on a big part of your life.