Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine

Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine: Treat yourself with the Best Food on the Planet

The peoples of India and Bangladesh are very aware of their culture and traditions. Most people in India and Bangladesh are Hindus and Muslims. This is why you will not find any pork dishes in this beautiful country, nor will you taste fine wine here. The country’s cuisine places special emphasis on different kinds of spices. Not only in Bangladesh, the entire Indian subcontinent uses at least a certain amount of spices in their main course. During the festivals such as Pahela Baishakh (Bangladesh New Year), the most popular dishes are panta bhat (soaked rice) and Hilsha fish.

Both Bangladesh and India are countries of great cuisine. People of these nations make many dishes, snacks and sweets. They have been making them traditionally for ages. The foods are tasteful and delicious. Boiled rice is the main course here. Vegetables, fish, meat, curry, lentil soup etc come along with it. Fish is a very common part of the dish. The fish-loving nation enjoys the hilsha fish most. It is one of the most common fishes. Hilsha fry is a traditional must on the PahelaBaishakh or the first day of Bangla year. People eat stale watered rice along with this fish and pickles, lentil soup, green chilies, onion etc on the day. The nation is also fond of sweets. Home-made cakes are very popular. Women use rice, flour, molasses or sugar syrup, milk etc to make them. ‘PithaUtshab’ or ‘celebration of cakes’ shows their love for sweets. Professionally made sweets are mostly milk-based. Roshgulla, sandesh, rasamalai, gulapjamun and chom-chom are the most common and popular of them. People distribute them on happy occasions like births, weddings or promotions. Thus Bangladesh proves to be a country of love for the palette.

In our daily meals we generally take mixed vegetables, fish bhuna, fried okra, Bhorta, fried eggplant, chicken curry, lentils, Egg curry, beef, mutton etc. with rice. Again in our snacks we normally take Paratha, Samosa, Singara, puri, fried roti stuffed with eggs, Naan, Pitha, MishtiDoi and RasMalai.

Different regions have different tastes, flavors and food choices. For example, people in the western region like to eat Mugdal with fish heads called ‘Muri ghonto’, luchy, payesh, pithas, etc. The food in northern Bangladesh is mainly sweet and sour, and there are many similarities with Indian food. Freshwater fish and delicious spicy dishes are popular in Dhaka. Dhaka is very famous biriyani. The cooking style of Sylhet natives is completely different from the rest of the country. They use special fruits and peppers during cooking. These foods are essentially no taste. The country was ruled by the Mughal dynasty for a long time. Their effect can still be found in today’s cuisine.